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The main area of our activity is the production and packing of  short – type and long - type.long pasta (macaroni), covering 50-60% of Albanian market requests. About 50 qualified workers and experts are directly involved in production process of pasta macaroni.


PMain production processes  

- First substance measurement (bran, water ect).
- Mixture.
- Pressing.
- Calibration & shaping.
- Preliminary dryness
- Cooling
- Packing.

- Storing


The factory is equipped with three production lines as follows:
Long-type production line, capacity up to 1800 kg/h.
LShort type production line  capacity up 800 kg/h.
-NIDI – type production line, capacity up to
300 kg/h.

First substance semola for the production of macaroni is provided by the company through the production of hard wheat DURUM, and daily production capacity about 80 tons a day. Hard wheat Durum which is of European origin with EU  characteristics :
Specific weight:                                                       mbi 80 kg /hl
umidity content :                                                   max 12,5 %
       Proteins (dry substance) :                                      min 14 %
       Residue content (dry substance)                           max 1,85 %
       Unclean substances:                                               max 2 %
       Total...wheat content :                                            min 90 %
       Soft wheat content :                                               max 2 %
       Whitened grain content  :                                       max 30 %

Production technology and personnel
Technological process is highly  automatic and  computerized for each macaroni production line
Macaroni production is performed by the Italian technology,one of the most prestigious companies in the production of pasta (macaroni) “PAVAN SPA”

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