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BLOJA Co was founded in Tirana, Albania in August 1995 register Nr. 11828 with a start-up capital of  $ 2.880.00. Its activity consists of milling and processing soft and durum wheat.
Part of our business is also the company PRIMA sh.p.k. whose activity is the manufacturing of long cut pasta, short cut pasta and pasta Nidi. The start-up capital of the company has been entirely local. In order to meet the market demands, we began to reconstruct our facilities. In year 1996 we increased our depositing capacity by adding two metallic silos which can hold up to 4000 tons


Taking into consideration the ever increasing market demands, it became a necessity to further improve the production technology and increase the depositing capacity of wheat. In year 2000, the existing Turkish production line was completely disassembled and was replaced by two Italian production lines from the company “Mill Service” located in Padova, Italy.

These production lines can mill up to 400 tons of wheat per day. 5 new metalic silos from the Italian manufacturer “Frame” were added that year, each holding up to 6000 tons of wheat. The automation of packaging process for finished products and byproducts was enabled by the Italian company “Paglierani” with a capability of up to 40 tons per hour. The process of unloading and depositing the wheat, manufacturing, packaging, conveyance of products and byproducts is entirely automated and computerized.

The investment’s value reached 8 million USD; and the company’s capital was increased to…… USD. The operations of the company were further developed after the installation of a new line for durum wheat with a milling capacity of about 1000 tons in 24 hours. Now we can process up to 500 tons of total wheat per day. The company of PRIMA sh.p.k started its own activity in year 2005.  It consists of three pasta production lines:

1) the line of long cut pasta with a production capacity of 1300 kg per 24hours
2) the line of short cut pasta with a production capacity of  800 kg per 24 hours
3) the line of pasta Nidi with a production capacity of 300 kg per 24 hours.

The applied technology of these lines is state-of-the-art  and it is of the highest existing level of technology, i.e. level 4. It is manufactured in Italy by PAVAN. The investments for the pasta factory reach a value of about 9 million USD The main products of BLOJA Co are flours with low extraction levels: type 500 and type 700; and integrated flours with high extraction levels of 85%, 90%, 95%, flours for pastries, pies, pizza and hamburger bun. Whereas PRIMA sh.p.k.’s products consist of all the types of long cut and short cut pasta available.

Our group is the first Albanian reality and one of the biggest in the Balkan countries thanks to the investments done on the continuous modern innovation with a contemporary technology of its activity.

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